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Temporary Nanny

Is your regular Nanny away? Are you planning a date night or weekend getaway? Have a last-minute need to care for a sick child or to cover a school vacation?  You can depend on Town + Country’s roster of experienced on-call Nannies.

Why hire a Temporary Nanny through Town + Country?

A major advantage of hiring a Temporary or On-call Nanny from Town + Country is that you are getting a real childcare professional. We have verified all previous employers and have also conducted a thorough background check including driving and criminal records, and then regularly update those checks. We only send Nannies with excellent records and completely clean background checks on temporary assignments.

While it’s always great to schedule your temporary help in advance, we realize it is not always possible and we are ready to help you find the help you need, even with short notice.  Please give us a call to arrange for your short term or last minute requirement.

What are the responsibilities of a Temporary Nanny?

Our Temporary Nannies are ready to jump right in and help you out  – exactly how & when you need it. Town + Country Temporary Nannies excel at:

  • Planning and sharing fun activities with new youngsters of all ages
  • Working with a range of families and children with different needs and personalities
  • Always putting safety and health first.

You can feel secure knowing you have the best care from our thoroughly screened, childcare professionals.

What is the compensation for a Temporary Nanny?

Temporary Nannies typically charge between $18 and $22 per hour. For Temporary and On-call Assignments, there is a four-hour minimum. There is an Agency fee equal to 35% of the compensation you pay to the Temporary Nanny, payable by credit card at the time of booking.