How we find your match

The experienced Placement Counselors at Town + Country have made tens of thousands of mutually beneficially matches between household employers and in-home professionals. Although no two searches are exactly alike, there are important steps in the process of “finding you the one” that we use for every Client.

We’re pleased to share some highlights with you. And we’d love you to get in touch so that we can share the details of how we can customize your search to find the right match for you.

  1. We learn who you are. Who are the members of your household? What do you do? If you have kids, how old are they? What are your interests, hobbies and passions? We want to learn about your personalities and preferred styles.
  2. We learn exactly what you need and who you need. What’s most important for your new employee to do for you? If you’ve had employees in your home, what has worked well in the past? What would you change? We help you think of ways your new employee can make your life better that you might not have even thought about. We also find out what you need from the staff here at Town + Country, so we are sure to structure our work together in a way that feels good to you.
  3. We create a customized job description. We document the big picture and the details so we can be completely clear about what your new employee will do, and the skills and background that he or she needs to bring to the job.
  4. We carefully match your requirements with our candidates. We start with our current pool, and we are always recruiting. We can also do specialized recruiting for you, if necessary.
  5. We introduce you only to candidates that make sense. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible. Some clients like to see a range of possible employees. Others keep the number of interviews they conduct to a minimum. We’ll present the candidates that make sense based on the criteria you establish, and introduce you to the candidates that you want to meet.
  6. We guide you through the interviewing process. Because bringing in an employee to work in your home is quite personal and sometimes emotional, it’s often helpful to have objective guidance as you go through the process. This is what we’ve done for years, and our expertise can save you hassle and frustration.
  7. We arrange the logistics for you. We want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to schedule interviews, meet candidates and complete the process.
  8. We help you make a good hiring decision. Hiring staff is an important decision and we’re here to provide advice, share our experience about what has worked for other clients or just lend an ear.
  9. We help you finalize your employment agreement. The devil is in the details. Documenting your agreement with your employee is an important step in making sure everyone is happy and the relationship is set up for success.
  10. We’re here, for as long as you need, to help you with any questions that may arise and ensure that your relationship with your new employee is a productive and happy one.

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