Chefs, also called Private Chefs, can provide a variety of meals requested by an employer, from a casual dinner for the family to gourmet meals prepared for formal entertaining. Many chefs have formal training and degrees from well-known culinary schools.

We know how important the safety of your family and your home is. We work hard to screen all of our Chefs and check every reference. We practice “full disclosure” which means that we share all pertinent information about candidates with our clients so that you can make a fully informed hiring decision. We’ll never withhold information from you just to push a candidate through. We will keep you informed of our progress screening your chosen candidates throughout your search.

It is important to us that you feel confident that the Chef you hire through Town + Country will maintain the safety and security of your home as well as your personal belongings and private information. Just as important, we work closely with you to understand your family’s unique needs so that we can match you with a Chef who will be a great fit.

The duties of a Chef may include:

  • Managing the operation of the kitchen
  • Planning and presenting menus
  • Accommodating special dietary needs
  • Grocery and market shopping
  • Preparing a variety of meals
  • Preparing, overseeing or assisting with food for special functions and events
  • Serving meals or overseeing other staff members who serve meals
  • Keeping your kitchen stocked and organized


Compensation for a Chef is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position and the duties included in the Chef job description.


Full-time Chefs typically earn $35 to $55 per hour, in addition to the cost of food & ingredients.


For Full-Time Chefs, some families provide benefits that may include:

  • Paid sick days
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Medical insurance

What clients and staff are saying

“Walter is amazing! Guests are raving about him. Our last menu was unique, carefully thought out and just delicious. We are foodies so have high standards yet the dinner was among the very best I’ve ever had.” —Jocelyn, San Francisco

“A Chef from Town + Country will make your life better! Whether it’s healthy food when you need it or indulgent food when you want it, we can find you a Chef who is expert in whatever kinds of cuisines you prefer. You can have food just the way you want it for family meals, formal dinners or large parties. Let’s discuss who will be right for you.” —Nancy McIlvaine, Town + Country Resources



Which positions are similar to a Chef?

Some Housekeepers may also be responsible for food preparation and may also be very good cooks. Some Nannies also have some cooking responsibilities and may assist with meal preparation for children or the whole family.

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