Ask us! Does Town + Country Resources have temporary work available?

1079265We don’t  fly around with a magic umbrella or claim to have the skills of Mary Poppins, but our Nanny Team Counselors do have over 100 years of combined experience placing great Nanny candidates in childcare jobs all over the Bay Area. When it comes to navigating the world of professional in-home childcare, we’ve just about seen it all. So go ahead, Ask Us!

I’m looking for a new permanent Nanny position but don’t want to show a period of unemployment on my resume. Does Town + Country have any temporary jobs I could work while I’m searching? 

The answer is YES! We are thrilled to be able to present so many great backup care work opportunities! If you’re not yet aware of our Backup Care program, please call our offices at 415-567-0956 or 650-326-8570 and ask to speak with our Temporary Department. We would love to help fill your schedule while you’re looking for a permanent position or to compliment your current position for additional income. Give us a call, we would love to tell you all about it!

Below are five tips from our Backup Care team to help you be the best Backup Care Nanny you can be! 

  1. Be up early! The old saying, “The early bird gets the worm” is most definitely true for Backup Care assignments! Our Backup Care department begins receiving requests at 7:00 am on weekdays and they continue all the way till 9:00 pm on Sunday. The Nannies who are booked most often are those who are up and ready to hit the road by 7:30 am.
  2. Confirm directly with the Backup Care family as soon as you receive our email. Backup Care positions require that you call the family directly to reconfirm as soon as you’re booked. Families can be very sensitive to this, and some have canceled care when a Nanny fails to call them directly to reconfirm. Please make sure you develop a habit of calling to confirm as soon as you see our email confirmation in your inbox. If there is a particular reason you cannot call the family immediately, just communicate that to us so that we may set their expectations appropriately. Please be sure to reconfirm the job details, including location, during the call.
  3. Be your best self in the confirmation call! Families want to hear a friendly, professional voice that puts them at ease about leaving their child with someone they’ve not yet met. Smile as you speak to them – they can hear it! Ask questions that show you care about their child’s experience and their preferences as parents. Reconfirm the date, hours, location and contact information. In short, impress them! If you make them feel comfortable during the confirmation call and do a great job on the assignment, you can be sure that they’ll request you back time and again!
  4. Avoid cell phone use while working. We would like you to be focused on your charges while you’re working. Please keep your cell phone out of sight and only use it for emergencies, or to communicate with the parents throughout the day if they request that you do that.
  5. Log your hours in a timely manner! We send automatic email reminders, but we would like our Backup Care Nannies to be in the habit of logging their hours on our website immediately after completing the assignment. Reporting your hours promptly helps make sure that there won’t be any delay in getting paid. Backup Care hours need to be reported by Monday morning at 10 am so that your payment can be processed via direct deposit on Wednesday morning.