Interviewing Tips

The job interview is a great opportunity for you to describe your experience and express your enthusiasm about the position. It is also your opportunity to learn about the position and the hiring family. You should use the interview to find out what it will take to be successful in the job, and ask about the employer’s communication style. Here are some suggestions for topics to discuss with a potential employer. We hope this guide will help you make the best possible decision.

Expectations and Experience:

  • Are you the first candidate of your kind for this employer?
  • If the employer has had a different candidate previously in the position, what did the employer like most about the previous candidate? What did they like the least?
  • What is the daily schedule?
  • What are the expected duties? (childcare, cooking, errands, housekeeping duties, etc.)
  • Will the employer be in the home while you are working? Will other household staff be in the home while you are working?
  • Who will manage you? Will there be regular meetings?
  • Is the employer willing to have a written job description / contract with you?

For Childcare Positions:

  • What are the children’s interests and hobbies?
  • What is the children’s schedule?
  • What is the parent’s philosophy on discipline?
  • Would the parents like to share anything about their philosophy of raising children?

For live-in Candidates:

  • What are the days off?
  • Can you be away on those days?
  • Describe the living quarters and neighborhood.
  • Will there be a car provided for the position? Is the car available for your personal use?
  • Does the employer have animals you may be allergic to?
  • Who will cover the moving expenses required for you to begin the position? Who covers moving expenses when the position is completed?

Important Details:

  • What hours are required?
  • What are the days off?
  • How might the schedule change? (Will the schedule change during the Summer?)
  • Will evenings or weekends be required?
  • What salary is agreeable and how often will it be paid?
  • Will the salary be paid for hours worked or is there a guaranteed minimum salary?
  • If that is not part of the regular schedule, will there be a separate rate for overnight or weekend work?
  • What other benefits are provided?
  • What taxes will be paid? Will you be responsible for paying your share of the taxes?
  • Will there be a formal review? When? Will there be a salary adjustment at the review?

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