Easter Basket Delight

When my brother and I were children we couldn’t wait to wake up on Easter Sunday and follow the trail of candy from our beds to our Easter baskets! We were just as excited on Easter morning as were were when Santa would come. Our favorite Easter goodie delicacy was Astronaut food! The other favorite item we could always count on finding … books!

In my memories, my favorites were all the Madeline books, and I read every one! My bother’s? “Where the Wild Things Are,” naturally.

Every year your child will be reading something new. By encouraging them to read by themselves or with their Nanny, they are exposed to new ideas and good habits. Better manners, independence, responsibility and learning can all be encouraged through good books.

If this inspires you to start a new tradition of including books in your children’s Easter baskets, can we pass along some suggestions for you.

Here are five children’s books that the Honest Co. recently share that I fell in love with as a child!


  1. Charlie and Lola: We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers (Lauren Child): Lola learns to recycle and makes it a fun competition with classmates.
  2. Curious George Plants a Tree (Margret & H. A. Rey): Everything Curious George is good! George gets himself into innocent trouble while learning the ins and outs of recycling, but eventually brings the community together to give back.
  3. Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink (Amy Krouse Rosenthal): These books are a witty take on eating veggies, going to bed, and cleaning up after oneself.
  4. Eating the Alphabet: Fruit and Vegetables from A to Z (Lois Ehlert): Perfect for teaching about nutrition AND the alphabet at once!
  5. Grow It, Cook It (DK Publishing): A cookbook for kids. It takes the food from the garden to the plate. Perfect for elementary age kids. These books are so exciting for children! From learning the alphabet to recycling and cooking, your children will know healthy living, fun art and great stories.