Family-paid and Agency-paid Temp Jobs – What’s the difference, what are the perks?

If you’re a Nanny and you haven’t registered with T+C’s temporary department, you might be missing out! Town + Country has many temporary childcare jobs across the Bay Area, even down in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego. We’re always looking for qualified Nannies to join our team! T+C has three types of temporary jobs. Nannies who accept the most amount of work are Nannies who are willing and able to do all types of assignments. Here are some benefits about each type of job!

In general, we have two types of temporary childcare jobs: Family-paid and Agency-paid.

Family-paid jobs feel very similar to traditional babysitting. The family is the employer of record, they make the hiring decision, and they pay you directly at the end of your shift. Family-paid jobs can be as little as just one evening (short-term temporary job), or as long as a year (long-term temporary job). Most Family-paid temp jobs are one or two days.

Agency-paid are a little different. Among other things, T+C is the employer of record and T+C would pay you for your work on our regular weekly payroll cycle. Right now, Agency-paid jobs make up more than half of all our temporary childcare assignments.

Family-paid and Agency-paid each have their own advantages. But if you think you might be interested in doing some T+C Agency-paid jobs, then here are some reasons why it might be a great deal for you:

  • Currently, our Agency-paid Nannies start at $21 per hour for time worked on our Agency-paid jobs.
  • There is a 4 hour minimum. We try not to send anyone out on any job that is less than four hours long, but if we do, you’ll still get paid for the full four hours.
  • If T+C books you for a job and the family comes home early, then we’ll still pay you for the full shift! For example, if a family books you for a ten-hour job, but they come home early after just seven hours, T+C will still pay you for the ten hours!
  • If a family cancels a job while you are in route to their house or when you show up at the door, T+C will pay you for the four-hour minimum, and then we’ll look for another job for you!
  • Our Agency-paid Nannies have verifiable income, so if you need to apply for a loan or rent a house or apartment, you’ll have pay stubs you can show to prove your income.
  • For your Agency-paid jobs, you will be paying into social security. We know that doesn’t seem like the most fun right now, but it can be so beneficial when you’re ready to retire!
  • As an employee of T+C, you are eligible for overtime based on the hours you work for T+C, even if those hours included time on assignments for several different families. Overtime can be complicated, but generally, OT will apply for hours worked over eight in a day and over 40 in a week. If you’re currently making $21 per hour, then you’ll be paid $31.50 per hour for regular overtime. Many of our jobs are between 10 and 12 in a day, so that overtime adds up quickly!
  • Our Agency-paid Nannies are eligible to participate in our 401k plan – including matching!

Not all candidates will qualify to work Agency-paid jobs, but if you’re interested, give our Temp Team a call! We’d love to talk to you about the opportunity and give you more of the terms & details.

We’re so excited and proud to continue to build out our team of Nannies. We love helping you meet your financial and life goals and we love helping families find the care they need!