How to keep the children entertained when it’s raining!

2073687It can be hard to entertain the little ones when it’s raining outside. But if you are looking for a fun way to save them – and yourself – from watching too much television, noting beats a good old fashion game day!

Game days are a great way to build memories, revive old family traditions or even build new ones. Games introduce new ways to have fun while also helping players learn how to patiently wait their turn and how to win or lose gracefully.

Here are some winners in our household:

One of our all time favorites is Twister. Aside from the fun of getting tangled up together and having a good laugh, kids can learn right from left and burn off energy! That said, we will admit that this one could potentially wind them up instead of calming them down…

Puzzles come in an almost infinite variety to satisfy a huge range of skill levels. You could have more than one puzzle going at a time to meet the needs of all the children you are watching. I consider puzzles to be very soothing and calming, and potentially a very useful alternative to Twister!

Building Things
I think Lincoln Logs are making another come back! Anything stackable can be built into something great. Legos and blocks fall into this category as well, as does the “new girl on the block” – GoldieBlox. I think even trains could be incorporated to make a whole town if needed!

I have never known anyone to not like Sorry! This game has an actual winner and loser so you can really use it as a tool to teach graceful game playing manners and fair play.

Have a Dance Party
When I was growing up, we couldn’t go to bed on Thursday nights until we’d danced with my Mom to a couple of her favorite ‘70s songs! When the energy level is high, find a good YouTube channel and let the dance party begin! Then you can transition into nap time with story time or books.

If you haven’t played this one yet you owe it to yourself and your charges to give it a try! This game is great for school aged kids and can entertain for a long time. Even adults have fun with this one!