Mother’s Day Flowering Tree

MD CraftThere’s nothing better than the pride and sweet smile that a child shows when they’ve given a gift that they made.

Make Mom’s day special with this Flowering Tree that can be handcrafted by her biggest love. You probably have all the supplies on hand. Prep and cleanup are a snap and it’s a perfect activity to do any day of the week! It’s colorful, quick and easy and can be a great Mother’s Day this Sunday!

What you will need:
Brown cardboard or poster board
Construction paper in various colors
Safety Scissors
Glue stick

Constructing your tree:

  1. Trace child’s hand and forearm onto cardboard or posterboard
  2. Draw two horizontal lines across the bottom of the paper to serve as the trunk of the tree, which is the base needed to hold the tree up.
  3. Cut out the tree and base.
  4. Cut two small slits on opposite sides of the base so you can slide them inside one another to make a sturdy base. You could also just tape or glue the base together.
  5. Cut out hearts for the flowers on the tree. You could also cut out leaves, if you’d like, and glue them on the tree branches.
  6. Cut a piece of paper to use as a sign at the bottom of the tree that says “I Love You Mom” and glue or tape it to the bottom.
  7. Connect the base by sliding one bottom half inside the other, gluing or taping it together.

Reference from Krokotak &
Project and Photo from Town + Country Resources