Mother’s Day

Breakfast in Bed: Here are a few recipe ideas from Williams and Sonoma and Epicurious. Extra points if you remind 

everyone that Moms should not do dishes after breakfast in bed. It is a rule.

We love this blog from Food Network It is a good reminder of what is safe for children to help with in the kitchen.

Some menu items are best made on the day of or the night before, so if your last day of work for the week is on Friday, you might just want to make sure the ingredients are stocked and ready to go.

Mother’s Day Brunch for friends and family: Ask the host how you can help them get ready for their brunch. Maybe it is stocking the refrigerator, ordering pastries from their favorite bakery or getting the kids out of the house so they can organize and prep for their brunch without little ones at their feet.

If your employer is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch for her mother, mother-in-law, friends or other family members, it is easy for her day to get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you encourage your charges to make cards or do something special just for mom. It is her day too!

Dinner out on the town: For some moms, there is almost nothing more stressful than a dinner in a nice restaurant with multiple children. If your family is planning a nice dinner out as a family, you could make and pack some activity bags for your charges. Make an activity bag with books, a small toy or two and snacks. The only thing worse than a bored child at a restaurant is a hungry child at a restaurant. We really like this idea from The Busy Toddler blog. Remember to avoid items that can create too much noise or mess.

Obviously, no Mother’s Day is complete without crafts. As unique as the final product might be, it is generally the handmade items that mean the most to Mom down the road. Here are a few ideas from Country Living that we love, but the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. You could write a story with your charge about how Mom is an undercover Super Hero because she likely is!

Mother’s Day is a great time to remind your employer how much you enjoy working alongside her. If you have time, make her a card or tell her how much her relationship means to you. If you have had a challenging relationship with your employer, you can remain positive by reminding her how much your relationship with her children means to you.

Additionally,  we know many of the Nannies out there are Moms themselves. We want to thank you, thank you for being amazing women and caregivers to the children who depend on your love and care.

Here is to all the Moms!