Petty cash allowance

As a Nanny, we know that outings and activities come up throughout the week that may not be on the original calendar for the week. Having petty cash available can be beneficial to you, your charges and your employer.

We advise having a conversation with your employer about having petty cash available so you are able to indulge their children with proper play dates and fun outings. You should agree on a place in the home where the extra cash will be kept and how you will keep record of the money spent. Keep all receipts and make sure to put them in the same area as the cash so your employer is aware where the money has been spent. Be sure to have on-going conversations with the family about how much money you spend throughout the week and if you feel it necessary to adjust the amount that is set aside. With proper funds for expected outings you have the ability to focus on activities with your charges and not worry if you have the extra cash in your wallet.