Teaching Independence

4144821Yes, it may be easier to pick up the toys, put away the laundry or put the dishes away your self, but by asking your charge to help you out you are teaching responsibility and independence.

We know you’ve heard it a hundred times, but by spending the extra few minutes now you’re helping your charge build confidence and a life-long skill of perseverance. Don’t expect things to be perfect. As a matter of fact, give up the idea that it will be.

Encourage your charge to do their best and if you’d like to see changes, try a positive approach, maybe “I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. Would you like to see how I do it?” If they’re not interested in your way, don’t stress. Enjoy the help and the smile on your charge’s face when they accomplish a task. Don’t forget to praise their efforts along the way, your approval means the world to them!