A Newborn Care Specialist (sometimes called a “Baby Nurse,” although this vocation is not a medical profession) provides loving care for babies, usually at night, so new parents can get much needed rest. Town + Country Newborn Care Specialists are very experienced; most have worked on assignments with us for years. Newborn Care Specialists can provide expert assistance in your baby’s first weeks and months during the post-delivery recovery period. A Newborn Care Specialist, also known as a Night Nanny, Post-partum Doula or sometimes as a Baby Nurse, can help new parents in a wide variety of ways, including helping your baby adjust to sleeping and feeding schedules, providing burping and swaddling techniques, as well as assistance with lactation, changing, bathing, infant laundry and sterilizing bottles.

We know how important the health and safety of your newborn is. We work hard to screen all of our Newborn Care Specialists and check every reference. Due to the short-term nature of Newborn Care Specialist positions, we have worked with most of our Newborn Care Specialists for many years and have placed them on multiple assignments with clients, so we have an opportunity to get to know them extremely well. As with all of our placements, we practice “full disclosure,” which means that we share all pertinent information about candidates with our clients so that you can make a fully informed hiring decision. We will also follow up with you after our Newborn Care Specialist has completed her work for you so that we can include your feedback as part of her reference file.

It is important to us that you feel confident that the Newborn Care Specialist you hire through Town + Country will keep your baby safe and well cared for. We also work closely with you to understand your unique needs so that we can match you with a Newborn Care Specialist who will be a great fit.

The duties of a Newborn Care Specialist may include:

  • Feeding by bottle or bringing baby to Mom for nursing
  • Changing
  • Laundering infant clothes
  • Sterilizing bottles
  • Burping and settling newborn back to sleep after feeding
  • Helping to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for baby during waking hours
  • Documenting baby’s patterns, including sleeping log and feeding and changing times
  • Transitioning baby to a regular feeding schedule
  • Formulating a sleep schedule
  • Educating parents about care for twins, triplets, etc.
  • Providing parental guidance and support
  • Consulting on lactation issues


Compensation for a Newborn Care Specialist is usually based on the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position. We can help you determine the appropriate compensation that will work for your family and the Newborn Care Specialist.


The salary range for a Newborn Care Specialist is $30 to $35 per hour for a single newborn, and typically $35 to $40 per hour for twins.

What clients and staff are saying

I was really impressed with Town + Country. I started working with another agency; they sent six Baby Nurses but I didn’t like any of them. When I switched to T+C, Elizabeth really listened to me; she paid attention to what I needed and was looking for. Then she made the match – Rosemarie, the Baby Nurse I hired, was the first person I met.” —Barbara, New Mom

“Rose was a big support, provider of great advice and a good partner to us. It was nice to have her there every evening. She helped with a lot of sleep training and really participated in the stages and changes in the baby’s development that occurred over the months she was with us. She was incredibly helpful along the way, both practically helpful and helpful on a psychological basis. We trusted her completely. We could just go to our room and relax and know that she would care for our son the way we would ourselves.” —Marian, First-time Mom

“We have a stable and highly experienced pool of Baby Nurses. Over the years I’ve gotten to know these committed women quite well and I have a good sense of which Baby Nurse will be a good match for each family.” Elizabeth Dameron-Drew, Town + Country Resources



Which positions are similar to a Baby Nurse?

A Baby Nurse is a unique candidate. While they do not usually have a nursing background, they are newborn experts with extensive skills and experience caring for babies from just a few days old to about four months of age. Baby Nurses know all about the unique issues relevant to newborns and can also provide guidance to new Moms and Dads on feeding, sleeping and breastfeeding. A Baby Nurse may sometimes be called a Night Nanny, Post-partum Doula or Newborn Specialist.

How does Town + Country Resources screen Baby Nurses?

We know that the safety of your family and home is your top priority, so we take security very seriously. Each Baby Nurse completes a rigorous screening and application process with our trained Placement Counselors, then we conduct background checks. We have extensive conversations with each reference to confirm work experience and qualifications. Qualified Baby Nurses often work with us for years, and we follow-up after each completed assignment to get our client’s feedback to add to our Baby Nurse’s reference file.

To ensure time to find the Baby Nurse who will be just the right fit for you and your baby, allow up to six months prior to your anticipated delivery date to begin the selection process. However, don’t hesitate to call us if you have an immediate need. We have worked with many families on short notice to find a great Baby Nurse.

What is the typical work schedule for a Baby Nurse?

Baby Nurses usually work eight- to twelve-hour shifts, most commonly at night. We also have Baby Nurses who work 24-hour shifts with a scheduled break.

What agency fees can I expect?

There is a one-time $250 registration fee that will allow you lifetime access to our qualified candidate pool. This registration fee is processed upon receipt of your Referral Agreement. In addition to the registration fee, there is a referral fee equal to 25 percent of the total compensation paid to your Baby Nurse for the entire assignment. The referral fee is due when a Baby Nurse is confirmed for the assignment. Fees are initially paid based on the anticipated total gross compensation for the entire period of employment, and supplemental fees will be due if the assignment is extended.

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