Part One of our Wellness Series with Natalie Beck

IMG_8029Our Estate Staffing Division held the first of our two-part Wellness Series last week in Palo Alto. Natalie Beck, a Town + Country Chef and Registered Dietician, “nurtured the attendees’ minds and bodies.”

Natalie had an information-packed power point presentation outlining the food colors of the rainbow, discussing the nutritional benefits of each color and giving examples of different foods associated with each color. She also gave tips on how to do quick and easy food prep to get the most out of your meal every day, including adding walnuts to your salad or chia seeds in your smoothie as a way to quickly add protein and omega-3s; or putting one or two vegetables into the oven for 20 minutes before starting your meal to ensure you’ll have a delicious vegetable with dinner.

IMG_8026Of course, Natalie also gave an extensive and engaging Q&A with the attendees, and everyone left with some great tips to use at home and work and several delicious recipes to try on their own.

The second session of our Wellness Series will be in our Palo Alto office on Wednesday, July 29th from 5:45 pm to 8:00 pm. This session will focus on fostering a healthy working relationship with your employer without sharing too much of your personal life or taking their family dynamics on as your own. Town + Country Placement Counselors Kristine Lange and Shannon Riehman will lead the discussions and present information on how to help ensure effective communication, how to manage a difficult conversation with your employer, and how to set healthy work boundaries. You won’t want to miss this – we hope to see you there! Register here.