Holiday Gift Giving – What to give your employee this season!

Frost on PineThe holidays are right around the corner, and there is no better time to show your household and executive staff your gratitude for the quality services they provide for you and your family. Although the gift-giving season can seem a bit daunting, we’ve found that it can be much easier than you might think!

When in doubt, cash bonuses tend to be preferred. Not only are they the easiest gift to give, they are also the most appreciated. In our experience, the equivalent of one to three week’s salary is about right, depending on the number of years of service.

Beyond just money, Town + Country’s candidates have told us over the years that there are certain gifts that are particularly coveted. We’ve compiled the most festive of those suggestions in our Top Ten Employee Gifts List.

Remember, your employees want to feel appreciated for all of their hard work and diligence. Regardless of the gift, it’s the thought that counts. Happy Holidays!