Holiday Gifts for Your Employees

CBP1054818This holiday season we know you have your household and executive staff to think about. If you’re in need of ideas, we have always found that cash bonuses are always easiest to give, and most appreciated and valued by employees. Whether you’re thinking of your Nanny, Household Manager, Housekeeper or Executive staff, one or two weeks of salary is a great gesture for a holiday bonus.

Other gifts that have made it onto our Top 10 Holiday Gift Suggestions include:

  • Gift certificates for things that you know interests them
  • Extra days off
  • A gift of enough of your frequent flyer miles to cover a round trip vacation ticket
  • And, of course, we don’t know a single lady who wouldn’t love complimentary beauty services!

Most of all, your employees want to feel valued. A hand written note and a special “Thank you!” will go a long way. Whether you’re thanking your Nanny for the presence they have in your children’s lives or your Executive Assistant for keeping your business running smoothly, continual small gestures or a big annual one will make your employee feel good this holiday season!