On a Mission to Provide Breastfeeding Support for New Moms!

Our very own Amy Horning was fortunate to have great support from her mom when she had her two daughters in 2003 and 2006. Nursing comes easily to some moms, but it can be a lot harder for others.

Moms who struggle with nursing often feel that there is something wrong. Many believe breast feeding is just supposed to come naturally, that it’s something new moms are just supposed to know how to do.

Amy H. reducedBut the fact is it typically doesn’t come naturally and there is a lot of learning for both mom and new baby. “I had great support from my mom as well as a group of moms I met when my first daughter was born,” says Amy. The encouragement she received in those first few months were crucial, but unfortunately, not all new moms have that kind of support. After learning more about the needs for breastfeeding support, Amy looked for a way to give support back to the “new mom” community.

“For several years I wanted to become a Lactation Consultant, although this would take additional education beyond my Bachelor’s, as well as many hours to then take a test. I looked for a ‘Plan B.’ About five years ago, I found the Nursing Mothers Counsel and went through their training program to become a volunteer counselor,” reminisces Amy. NMC is an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to help mothers and their babies enjoy a relaxed and happy feeding relationship. Amy counsels moms over the phone and does home visits when needed. She also rents hospital-grade pumps from her home to new moms in the area who need this help and support.

Amy is pictured here with her sister and nephew, Henry, born June 2013. Amy finds it incredibly rewarding to help new moms during such a stressful time. The help Amy provides can foster lifelong relationships, and Amy finds it incredibly rewarding to help moms during what can be a stressful time. Thanks, Amy!