Town + Country’s “Reinventing Yourself” Workshop Was a Great Success!

Last night our Estate and Executive staffing workshop was incredible! Our speaker, Sherri Allen, captivated her audience as she did a masterful job of sharing her background, work history and current experience as a Personal Assistant. She shared how she manages to stay fresh in her current position and how that enhances her value for her clients. She shared her struggles and triumphs as a Personal Assistant working in the personal service industry.

Attendees said they felt supported and by their peers and by T+C staff. This seminar provided a safe & discreet environment to ask questions, brainstorm, share ideas and seek advice from those who understand our industry. All the great input led to a lively discussion! The camaraderie and support for one another was a reminder of why we love what we do!

Two of our favorite quotes that we received after the event were:

“Thank you again for hosting such a great event last night. I’m so glad I made the effort to attend. I really felt a kinship with all of the attendees and was so impressed with the level of comfort and support I felt. I look forward to more events such as this in the future.”

“Wow! What a night! It was so great to meet other professionals in the industry while enjoying great food, wine, and conversation. It was wonderful to meet the T+C staff in person as well.  Thank you again for the confidence boost. Just knowing I’m not a little sail boat in this great big sea of moving ships helps me more than I can express.”

 The T+C team was so excited by the success of the evening that we are now planning on hosting a variety of related events on a more frequent basis. We anticipate that future events will rotate between our San Francisco and Palo Alto offices and are likely to be limited to a dozen or fewer attendees.

Look for details for our next events or contact our offices for events geared toward all candidates: Nanny, Housekeeper, Personal Assistants and other Estate Professionals … and more! You can contact our San Francisco office at 415-567-0956 or Palo Alto at 650-326-8570.