Laughter and Learning at T+C Seminars

nsemWe love to host seminars for Town + Country candidates and we were thrilled to be able to host two in a week! Our Housekeeper and Nanny each hosted their own seminars this past week and both met with experienced, motivated and fun women to discuss the upcoming holidays and provide new ideas on how to make this crazy time of year a bit more manageable.

The “Holidays in the Home” seminar, hosted by the Housekeeper team, reviewed holiday preparation tips that included silver polishing, tips for cleaning silver and china, formal table setting and pre and post holiday party cleaning.

The Nanny team hosted the hands-on “Creative Seasonal Food & Crafts” seminar that had everyone making Thanksgiving Oreo Turkeys, a holiday birdseed craft and paper doll chains.

Participants in both groups enjoyed spending time sharing personal tips, stories of success and catching up with T+C employees and friends and felt confident taking fresh ideas and skills to their employer’s home.


We have one more seminar coming up this week, hosted by our Estate Staffing Team, where attendees will hone gift wrapping skills and learn some new, festive decorating ideas that will be sure to warmly greet visitors during the holidays. If you are interested in attending, be sure to register here!

Be on the lookout for our seminars in 2017 – we’re going to have a full schedule and you don’t want to miss out!