How was our first Housekeeper Training Seminar?

Our first Housekeeper Training Seminar was a fantastic success!

HK 3Last week, twenty-two T+C Housekeepers joined us for our first Housekeeper training event of the New Year. Damaris Christopher, one of our top Executive Housekeepers with extensive experience managing & training staff in private homes, is helping to teach and train our T+C candidates by sharing her expertise. (Pictured to the right: Sarndra Elejorde, Damaris Christopher, Heather Wakely, Lindsay Lechner.)

This first seminar, “The Keys to Laundry Success,” is the first of six workshops Town + Country will be offering in 2014 to our registered Housekeepers.

At the seminar, Damaris covered the following topics:

  • Reading & understanding laundry labels
  • Sorting and hand washing special garments
  • Selecting the best laundry detergent and stain removers
  • Removing tough stains like sugar, coffee, tea, grass, sweat, ink, oil and deodorant
  • Successful drying
  • Steps to take after shrinking a garment
  • Why use odor blockers
  • Why use vinegar and baking soda in our laundry
  • Folding and ironing
  • How to get organized with your laundry
  • How to clean and maintain the washer and dryer
  • Cleaning the iron
  • Finding joy in being the best Laundress

HK 2Attendees enjoyed class participation, gained hands on experience and learned how to conquer the challenges of their jobs with tried and true trade secrets. Town + Country provided attendees with course materials that included the instructional information, reference information and some of Damaris’ favorite on-the-job tools to take home & use after the event. If you want to learn more about Damaris read our “Meet our Speaker” blog post.

Want more information? If you have any questions or would like more information on our upcoming sessions, you can call Sarndra Elejorde, Heather Wakely or Lindsay Lechner at Town + Country at 415-567-0956 to learn more.