Housekeeper Seminar: Candidates Becoming Experts in Time Management

On Saturday, June 3rd, Town + Country hosted Housekeepers from all over the Bay Area, including the City, Peninsula and Marin, for our Seminar focusing on Time Management. It was a great event with a great deal of personal attention for each Candidate. Candidates were given a sample cleaning schedule for daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks.

Ada Barnes, who was the class instructor, gave examples on how she effectively manages her time while working. Here are a couple examples we thought were especially helpful.

One example Ada gave from her own work experience was how to keep up with laundry. Ada said that laundry takes up a great deal of her time on a job, so right when she walks in the door she collects laundry and gets a load started. Then Ada sorts the remaining laundry so she can keep loads in rotation during her shift. We thought this was a great tip because washing laundry has a fairly long lag time, she is able to complete tasks while she waits to change over the laundry.

Another tactic Ada shared was to run errands for her employer either at the beginning or end of the day. Ada said that, with permission and approval, she runs the family’s errands either on her way into or home from work. Bay Area traffic can be time-consuming, so eliminating time on the road during the scheduled shift is an easy way to be more efficient. Like most things, this should be discussed with your employer first.

This was a great event and gave our Candidate the opportunity to learn some new strategies to be more efficient in their job. While every Housekeeper has their own method and routine while cleaning, it can be beneficial to hear what other professionals are doing. It was also great for the T+C staff to touch base with our amazing Candidates and learn how we can best help them in their job searches and also in their professional development after they have been placed.