Our “Managing Seasonal Projects” seminar was a great success!

Last week Town + Country Resources has a blast hosting our second Housekeeper training seminar of the year, “Managing Seasonal Projects”! Damaris Christopher shined as she demonstrated tools to use for seasonal indoor and outdoor projects.

DSC_0100 copy

During the seminar, Damaris recommended Green Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck, a good read with helpful on-the-job tips. This book includes lots of useful info, plus some really surprising information … like, did you know that “Children get most of their pesticide exposure from chemicals used within the home,” and “The filthiest object in the average home is the kitchen sponge.” The book also offers green alternatives to common cleaning products and quick tricks for tough jobs.

Pictured below, Damaris also shared her secret scrubbing tools. The right tools for the job makes the job easier and helps ensure that you get the job done correctly and efficiently without causing any damage.

DSC_0102 copy
Damaris also spent time demonstrating proper techniques for simple household chores. The better your technique, the better the outcome!

We are excited for our next event with Damaris, “Professionalism & Communication as a Housekeeper,” which will be held on May 15, 2014. We are looking forward to helping you better communicate with your employer and represent yourself in your most professional light.