10 Tips for Being the Best Nanny You Can Be!

2073687Being a Nanny is a profession, and being thoughtful about your profession and working to always improve your skills will help you be the best Nanny you can be.

  1. Look on the bright side! Not only will choosing to think positively help your own personal happiness, it will also help your charges thrive. Children naturally see the good in situations – go ahead, join em’!
  2. Put the phone away. Putting your phone away allows you to truly be engaged with your charges. Whether it be in that game of Candy Land or while preparing a meal, focus on the present and allow yourself to be the engaged, super-star nanny you’re capable of!
  3. Snack healthy. Let’s face it, we all love to snack. Help teach your charges good habits early. Substitute the chips with an apple, or fries with carrots. Allow the kids to make fun shapes and designs with their fresh fruits and veggies. The kids will appreciate the creativity and the parents will be more than grateful for the thought.
  4. Get outside! Enjoying the outdoors with your charges far surpasses a day in front of the television. Fresh air never hurt anyone.
  5. Encourage creativity. Whether it be in the home with a fun craft or out in nature, allow your charges to be their incredible, unique self.
  6. Plan ahead. Before heading in to work, plan fun activities and games to do with your charges. Children thrive when they are kept busy with fun, productive activities.
  7. Arrive on-time. The term “on-time” can be a bit deceiving. Being on-time is actually code for “arrive a few minutes early” – unless they tell you specifically otherwise. Impress your employers with your promptness and reliability.
  8. Get your eight hours. Children oftentimes have more energy than you! Set yourself up for success by arriving on the job rested and refreshed.
  9. Allow your inner-child to shine. Children love to be played with instead of just watched from the sidelines. Get out there and not only be their nanny, be their friend.
  10. Love what you do. Figure out a way to love what you do and it will no longer feel like a “job.”