What are some California laws relating to childcare?

We found some interesting facts in an article recently posted at … “California-Is it legal or not?

We picked a few that may relate to some childcare or family assistant duties. Some of these laws seemed pretty obvious, while others came as a bit of a surprise. You can check out the full list by clicking on the link above.

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Some of the more interesting facts:

How young is too young to leave a child home alone? There is no minimum age requirement. But if a child is left alone who is not suited to take care of themselves that can be considered neglect and can result in a visit from Child Welfare Services.

Can you legally leave your pet in your car unattended? While it is not illegal to leave your pet in your car unattended, if the conditions endanger the well being of the animal, it could become illegal. More and more windows on vehicles are being broken to protect animals in unsafe conditions, and police, humane officers and animal control officers can take steps necessary to remove an animal from the car.

What are the real size, weight and age that a child needs to be in a child safety seat? This law has recently changed. Under current law, a child must be buckled into a booster seat until the age of eight or until they grow to be 4 feet 9 inches.

Do you legally have to clean up after your dog? There is no statewide requirement for cleaning up after your dog, but many counties & cities do. Of course, it would be nice if you did so regardless! Can I feed the birds? Speaking of friendly animals, it may come as a bit of a surprise that it is illegal in California to feed pigeons or seagulls. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your backyard; the beach or a public park.

Can you pick wild flowers? Nope! If you’re in a state park, on a freeway or in a public space, it is illegal to pick or cut the pretty flowers or any other plant. Do pedestrians have the right-of-way? In California the law requires vehicles to yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians. This does not however give pedestrians the right to act carelessly when crossing the street.

Do I have to wear a bicycle helmet? Do the kids have to wear a bicycle helmet? This law hasn’t changed in sometime but just in case you’ve forgotten here it is. If you’re older than 18, the law says you do not need to wear a helmet, but any rider under 18 must wear a helmet.

Can you record a private conversation? This may be of interest if you’re a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant. SFGate reports that “It is illegal to record any confidential communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without permission.”

Just a few things to keep in mind as you visit a park, go on a bike with your charges or take the dog for a walk. Do you know any other laws we ought to know about? Let us know!