Meet Monica, this month’s Candidate of the Month

Monica-RodriguezMonica is a former preschool teacher who has transitioned into working as a full-time Nanny. She has her Psychology degree from San Francisco State University and her teaching credentials from the National Hispanic University in San Jose. Monica has recently been placed in a full-time Nanny position through Town + Country Resources and is thrilled to be spending time with her two charges!

Monica is passionate about caring for children. She has made a lasting impression on many children and their parents. One of her prior families said, “My children absolutely love Monica. She has great energy! Monica is so happy and my children are so happy with her. She is fun, loving and always has funny stories for the children. She likes to joke around in a safe and responsible way. The children always have a great time with her.”

Get to know Monica: 

What does an ideal day with your charges look like?
The most ideal days are the ones filled with curiosity, laughter and imagination! We forget how wondrous it is to see the world with curiosity after years of “life” happening. Children see through a lens that reminds me of this daily. Days where we get to make and create are my favorite. Sure, emptying out lunch boxes, getting homework done and setting out clothes for the next day help mold responsible individuals. However, along with learning responsibility, baking muffins, puppet shows, making forts and going on backyard adventures are the makings of an ideal day.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Nanny?
I enjoy being present for so many of the little moments. So much learning is happening daily for children, and it is an honor to be a part of that. The trust and the bond that is shared with the kids and parents is really quite special. When the fit is just right, I feel like I just can’t wait to see the kids and parents will tell me how the kids have been asking all week “When is Monica coming?”

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
Rafiki from “The Lion King,” HANDS DOWN! His character carries wisdom and compassion. He is all heart. He is presented as a crazy baboon, and he is a bit of a loon, but he has a sharp mind and a wise spirit.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
I can replay my favorite memories as if they happened yesterday like my cousins and I sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag after we’ve been told not to. Or, playing “house” and our imaginary stove catches fire and we have to run away screaming. We could never bore from playing Easter egg hunt, no matter what day of the year. I also remember playing endless hours of Disney tag through the sprinklers on the lawn on warm summer nights.

What event, past, present or future, would you want to see if given the chance?
In a few years, when the amazing kids I get to work with invent a time machine, I am going back to the late 1950’s to see Elvis Presley live and in concert.