Meet our Sponsors: Small Fry Dance Club

logo_wp2We are thrilled to have Small Fry Dance Club as a partner and sponsor for Town + Country’s 3rd Annual Nanny Training Day! This year’s Nanny Training Day is right around the corner, and Small Fry Dance Club was one of our partners to pitch and to support this great annual event.

Small Fry Dance Club was founded by Jana Chapeton in 2007 as an on-site preschool dance class. Jana has a dance degree from San Francisco State University and in 2011 Jana and her husband Carlos opened their first Small Fry studio in Foster City. They developed a curriculum that was specific to the developmental needs of the preschool age group and began to win local awards, which gave them additional exposure and the ability to expand their schedule and staff.

In November 2014, they moved into a much larger space with three dance rooms that has allowed Small Fry Dance Club to expand their offerings to include classes for all age groups. The additional space also allowed them to launch Principal Creative & Performing Arts. PCPA is a creative and performing arts program for children five and up that allows dancers to be both athletes and artists. The ultimate goal of PCPA is to instill in students an intensity and drive for dance that is inspired by much more than trophies and sequins.

Today Small Fry Dance Club has over 700 actively enrolled dancers. Combined with new students in the PCPA program it makes them the largest dance school in San Mateo, and probably the Peninsula.

The number, range and schedules of their classes offers families a lot of flexibility. But of course, nothing beats their kindness and their genuine interest in your child enjoying the time spent in their studio! SFDC offers a free trial class for anyone interested in exploring their programs. Visit their web site for more information or give them a call at 650-393-5593.

And of course, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for T+C’s Nanny Training Day!