Spring Break!

It’s that time of year again … SPRING BREAK! No doubt you’re looking forward to the great plans you’ve made. You might not be thinking about childcare on your trip just yet, but you will!

If you are travelling with your Nanny, here are a few tips to consider while traveling:

  • Remember, you pay for her expenses, including airfare, hotel, food, etc.
  • Your Nanny is working and although she is on a vacation with you, she is still likely to need relief here and there. There are other resources you can use during these much-needed breaks. Consider talking to your hotel concierge for options.
  • You and your Nanny should discuss travel pay. We recommend that your Nanny be paid overnight wages in addition to her daily wages, or a fixed daily rate. Recommended overnight pay can range from $75 to $150 per night.

Leaving your Nanny at home while you travel? Consider these tips:

  • She was counting on those hours so you should pay her for her time. The children may not be present but you can assign her tasks to help with the house while you’re away. In general, we recommend that families agree in advance that their nannies get two weeks of vacation, and that one of those weeks is based on your schedule. If you’ve done this in advance, your vacation time will line up with hers.
  • Most likely your Nanny helps with the family tasks as well, this is a great time to have her run errands, research summer activities, and help out with house and pet care.

If you’re not going anywhere for spring break, consider communicating with your Nanny now for all the necessary activities you will need to entertain the children during break.