Last Minute “Summer” Fun!

3223486OK, we admit it, as this blog post is being written, most kids have already started school, the rest will be starting next week, the leaves will be turning soon — and chances are that your weekend plans are already packed with back-to-school shopping. I know that’s high on my family’s list.

Nevertheless, we recently sent out some information on great Bay Area museums to our email list. One of the links in that email is to a comprehensive list of Bay Area museums maintained at – where else – Wikipedia. And that list is just too good not to share again.

So, here it is. I’ve lived here in the Bay Area most of my life, and I was stunned by the range of places to visit, including museums devoted to art, science & technology, toys, planes, trains, ships, history, cartoon art, Star Wars memorabilia and so much more.

Yes, summer vacation is at an end, and we’re sad to see it go. But bookmark that Wikipedia list for inspiration year round!

And of course, fall weather & colors are just around the corner, so to help make that transition, may we suggest a visit to Alanna George’s “Craft Nest” blog for some great end-of-summer activities and fun fall crafts?