Life Hacks for 2018

As a busy mom, I am always thinking of ways to save myself time. While I can’t claim to have the magic formula, one way I am lightening my load in 2018 is outsourcing! Truthfully, the word makes me feel guilty. I want to provide my family with everything they need and I am a control freak who hates to ask for help, so admitting to myself that I need help has been difficult. That said, I have discovered a few ways T+C can help me and other parents like me! Here are a few things I plan to implement to maximize the time I spend with my family.

Hire a Housekeeper, even if just on occasion! Town + Country helps Clients find Housekeepers on a full-time, part-time or even temporary basis. This enables clients to get the exact amount of help they need. At this point in my life, I can only justify hiring a Housekeeper occasionally. The Placement Counselors on the Housekeeper team are very flexible and accommodating to ensure T+C Clients get the right Candidate for their needs. They are even able to help place Housekeepers before, during or after I host a party!

Get Help in the Kitchen! This year, I am registering for meal and grocery delivery services. While I love cooking, I do not enjoy the lines in the grocery store, so I am researching CSAs that would be a good fit for my family, and using apps like Instacart to deliver groceries at a convenient time. Another way I save time on weeknights is to plan my meals for the week every Sunday. I shop for and prepare all the necessary ingredients, so I am not making last-minute trips to the grocery store. On days I will be home after 5:30 pm, I use my Crockpot, so dinner is ready to go when we walk through the door. While all this prepping can seem time consuming, I am always grateful for my preparedness when my kids are seconds from meltdowns and dinner is all ready to go.

Another option for busier families or those less inclined to do the cooking themselves, might be hiring a Personal Chef through T+C. As with our Housekeeper Team, our Estate Staffing Team can refer Chefs on a permanent and temporary basis. T+C Chefs can plan a menu, shop for ingredients and prepare the meal. They could even individually portion meals to have throughout the week; think of the time that would save! Clients can even hire a Personal Chef for dinner parties or events. The Estate Staffing Team has wonderful and experienced Chefs in their Candidate pool, so this is a great option for all T+C Clients!

There are many ways to outsource your workload and no-one-size fits-all solution. My hope in 2018 is that by outsourcing some tasks, I am able to spend more quality time with my family and to make more time for myself, too! I know that when I feel supported and less flustered, I am a better version of myself and therefore, partner and mom.

Life Hacks for 2018 was written by Aly Grant, Aly works in the Temp Department and in Marketing and Communications for T+C, she is also mom to the funniest, cutest and sweetest kids around.