Meet our Sponsors – Sprogs

SPROGS_0386_largeTown + Country hosted our third annual Nanny Training day. It was a great day, and we will be posting stories and pictures from the event soon! Many, many people contributed to the success of the event – especially our great sponsors, including Sprogs Rice Scooters!

Have you been lucky enough to try these awesome snacks yet? Sprogs Rice Scooters are nutritious, delicious snacking for you and your charges! We fell in love with our first bite and we were giddy with excitement that they were able to be a part of our Nanny Training Day!

Rice Scooters are fresh snacks made from specially-grown brown rice hand-pressed with veggies, protein and other yummy ingredients. Available in “Meatie,” “Veggie” (vegan and vegetarian) and “Sweetie” options, they range from 80 to 160 calories each. Sprogs FAQs says that:

“Every Rice Scooter™ is crafted from super-premium Haiga rice grown and milled in the Sacramento Valley by a company that combines traditional Japanese farming principles with the most modern milling technology. Haiga is a Japanese-style brown rice that is partially milled to remove the tough outer bran while retaining the nutritious germ. It’s easier to digest than brown rice, more nutritious than white rice and yummier than both!”

Rice Scooters are all about healthy convenience – have then on-the-go at room temperature, eat them cold or heat them up. And unopened Sprogs are safe at room temperature all day long.

Check out their website to see if Rice Scooters can be found at your local grocer, or just order them online!