Nanny Appreciation Night

On Thursday, September 27th, Town + Country hosted a Nanny Appreciation Night. This event focused on Temporary Nannies and was hosted in our Palo Alto office. Many of our T+C Nannies shared stories as to why temporary jobs are so well suited for their lives. Here are a few highlights:

Alessandra splits her time between Peru and California. She spends a few months in Peru caring for her parents and then she heads back to the Bay Area to work. She said as soon as she is back in California, she emails our Temp team and starts taking new assignments almost immediately. She loves the flexibility the temp team offers her!

Maria has been with her T+C family since 2001. As the children have gotten older, the family’s hours have decreased, but Marta was able to find the amount of work she wanted by taking temp assignments. She is able to stay part-time with the family that she loves because she is able to earn a full-time income by supplementing with our temporary jobs.

Gina just accepted a contract position at a local tech company. She’s excited about her new position, but tech giant has pushed her start date twice! But she isn’t stressed or worried because she knows the Temp team will be able to line up work for her. She also said she was thrilled to have the Temp team on her side while she was job hunting, so she could pick the right job, not the first job!

Erin, who is new to T+C Temp work, is a country singer. She has been able to scale back her time on the road by picking up temp jobs. She likes this arrangement so she can spend more time with her loved ones in the Bay Area.

Julie, who moved from New Orleans about a year ago, is loving city life. She said she loves taking jobs all over the Bay Area so she can explore. After jobs in new cities, she will go explore the downtown area. She said it’s been a great way to get out of San Francisco and see new places.

is one of our busiest Nannies. It seems like we have her booked every day! She wasthrilled to share the benefits she has experienced through T+C. She also offered tips to other Nannies about how to make the most of T+C opportunities. She loves the variety that working temporary jobs has offered her!

T+C is proud to work with such amazing Nannies. We love that we are able to help these caregivers facilitate their dreams and goals. If you missed this event, no worries, you can connect with our team and other awesome Nannies at National Nanny Training Day on April 13th! Keep an eye out for our registration. We encourage you to bring friends, who are curious about T+C, along with you too!