Palo Alto Seminar – Successful Communication with Your Employer – A Panel Discussion

On Tuesday night the Palo Alto Nanny team hosted a panel discussion for their candidates. The panel included two T+C Placed Candidates who had some valuable experience and advice, and we were all blown away at how well Maria and Margarita spoke to professionalism in the home, expertise in their field and the advice they shared with other Nannies in their careers.

Maria and Margarita highlighted the importance of maintaining discretion and boundaries in the job. Both Nannies shared the importance of putting boundaries into place to protect the integrity of the relationships between employee and employer. Because the nature of their job is so intimate, it’s easy to blur those lines, but maintaining professional boundaries is an integral part of a successful working relationship. Divulging too many details of one’s own personal life, giving marital or even parenting advice, discussing personal finances, etc., can often sour a working relationship.

Maria and Margarita reminded Nannies that they are the child’s advocate, but diagnosing a child is a “no-no.” They suggested ways to inform parents of any concerns without making judgmental statements. If a Nanny is concerned about a child’s behavior, one way to broach the subject with the parent is by asking, “I’ve noticed this particular pattern. What are some ways you handle those situations?” This makes the parent aware, alerts them that there is a repetitive pattern and encourages a conversation between the Nanny and parent to come up with a solution.

They also shared tips how to interview for a job. Many Nannies have signed NDAs, which can make interviewing for future jobs and speaking to their skill set difficult. Maria and Margarita shared ways they can speak to their experience in a job without violating any terms of the NDA. Speaking in generalities is great. Also, using pseudonyms for past employers or referring to them as the “the Mister,” “the Misses” or simply as the Principal is a great way to share the moral or point of a story without sharing a name.

Maria and Margarita also reminded us that many families in the Bay Area know each other, so what you say in “confidence” to one family will likely get repeated to another. So, keep it positive and honest, and remember to only share what you are willing to have repeated.

The two also spoke about how a Nanny often will have to communicate with teachers, coaches, vendors, neighbors and friends of the family. Nannies should remember that they are a reflection and representation of the family. Maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor is so important, not just in the home with the parents, but also outside of the home. They also let us know that many people try to get details and gossip from Nannies, so it is important to stay above the fray and not give into gossip. Never share any details about finances, disagreements or drama within the family or amongst the family and other people.

These were all such great tips from these career Nannies. We are so proud that T+C truly represents the best of the best in the field! What a great night!