Roundtable Discussion- Mindfulness

On Thursday, October 26th, Town + Country’s Estate Staffing team hosted a seminar focused on practicing mindfulness. The purpose of the seminar was to enable attendees to recognize the signs of stress and refocus their energy by briefly stepping away from their work and returning when they are able to dedicate more focus and attention.

Prior to the seminar, we provided three articles that attendees were encouraged to read ahead of time. Kristine Lange, Shannon Riehman and Valerie Kohl facilitated a short recap and open discussion on these articles.

Then Kristine lead a guided meditation and all of Town + Country’s staff shared ways they relax and refocus when they are experiencing high levels of stress. The attendees also shared ways they cope with their busy jobs and manage a work-life balance.

To close, Kristine educated attendees about the benefits of certain essential oils and helped attendees create a blend that would be best suited for their concerns and ailments.

This was a fantastic and intimate event for a few Estate Staffing professionals. Town + Country remains dedicated to promoting the well-being and health of all the candidates we represent!

We can’t wait for our next event!