About Us

Whether you are looking to find just the right person to work in your home, or you’re a domestic professional looking for a great employer, the right match makes your life better.

Making successful and long-lasting matches between home employers and staff is an art.  The team here at Town + Country has made tens of thousands of permanent placements and countless on-call placements — more matches than any other domestic staffing agency in the Bay Area.

We purchased Town + Country in 2008, so in a sense we’re actually the new kids in town.  One of the reasons we bought the business was the passion and professionalism of our staff.  Every member of Town + Country’s senior staff has been here for a decade or more.  It speaks volumes about their commitment to our clients, to our candidates and their ability to foster relationships between them.

It’s truly touching to hear about the ways a great domestic professional – whether a Nanny, Housekeeper, Chef, Caregiver, Personal Assistant or one of the other positions we fill – makes a big difference in the lives of those they work with and help care for.   Reading a story to a toddler, presenting a delicious meal, helping a senior maintain independence or enabling a busy executive to spend more time with family … mundane tasks?  We don’t think so.  They’re important and we treat them that way.

If you need help finding just the right staff, or if you’re an experienced domestic professional, it would be our privilege to work with you to help you find the one.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you.

—Carrie & Jens Hillen