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Payroll And Tax Service

We’ve made the HR aspects of being a household employer (payroll processing, tax filing and labor law compliance) easy and affordable by partnering with the HomePay service provided by Breedlove & Associates, the nation’s most respected household employment payroll & tax specialist. Their comprehensive service handles all your compliance obligations, including:

  • Register for federal and state tax accounts
  • Complete and file New Hire Report
  • Calculate the correct amount of federal and state taxes to withhold each pay period
  • Track gross pay, net pay, federal taxes withheld and state taxes withheld
  • Prepare state tax returns and remit both the employer and employee taxes quarterly
  • Prepare federal tax estimates four times per year and remit both the employer and employee taxes
  • Prepare year-end summaries to state tax agencies
  • Prepare Form W-2 and distribute to your employee (and any former employees who had wages during that calendar year)
  • Prepare Form W-3 and send to the Social Security Administration (along with Form W-2 Copy A)
  • Prepare Schedule H to accompany your personal federal income tax return
  • Respond to IRS and state notices/inquiries
  • Monitor ever-changing household employment tax law

For more information about your obligations as a household employer and HomePay’s sevices, click here to watch their 4-minute video.

As a Town + Country client, we’ve arranged for you to receive a complimentary phone orientation at your convenience. A HomePay expert is available to assess your individual situation, run payroll & budget scenarios, help you capitalize on tax breaks and answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to call 888-273-3356 for your free consultation. Whether you use HomePay’s comprehensive service or not, we’ve found that this quick phone call helps families avoid tax and legal mistakes that can be expensive and time consuming. Just give them a call anytime, Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 3:30 pm and let them know you’re a Town + Country client.

Calculate your tax costs and tax breaks using HomePay’s Employer Budgeting Calculator available here on our web site.

To get your payroll started, call Home Pay at 888-273-3356 or register online at HomePay’s secure registration page. They’ll have you work-free and worry-free by the next business day.

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