What’s the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

While it may feel like a minor word choice, utilizing the right term (nanny vs. babysitter) can make a huge difference in your search for the best childcare provider. In order to get the most qualified candidates fast, it’s important to position your role in the most accurate way. This will draw in the best candidates for the job you’re looking for. What is a…

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The Best Newborn & Baby Nap Routines

Meet Karah, T+C’s Recruiting Counselor on the SF Nanny Team, and doula extraordinaire. Karah grew up in Mountain View, California. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Karah joined the Town + Country team in 2021. She also has several years of Nanny and Postpartum Doula experience and enjoys connecting Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists to families. Today, she’ll be…

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