How to relieve back to school anxiety

Young couple walking togetherThe beginning of the new school year gives parents and children both the opportunity to get a start fresh and a clean slate! Parents and Nannies can help their kids start the school year off right with these helpful reminders. These strategies start at home and carry into the classroom.

Relieve back to school anxiety
Back to school creates anxiety for every parent, child and teacher, and it’s best to face it head on! Go to sleep on time, get homework out of the way early, eat healthy meals and get up early. Making sure these tasks are taken care of every day will help to ease back to school jitters and help set the foundation for academic success all year long!

Complete homework early
It’s so easy these days to put homework off until the last minute. Especially with all the awesome television and video games that are readily available for entertainment. Try hard to get your children to complete their homework as soon as they have had their afternoon snack and a break from class. And if your child runs into any challenges that need a bit of additional help or tutoring, getting started early leaves time to iron out the kinks before homework deadlines.

Go to bed and get up early
No child wants to do either of these, and it can be tough on parents and Nannies also! But it’s best for all parties if you can get on a fixed, regular sleeping schedule early on. The National Sleep Foundation can help with many tips for sleep success!

Reward success
Your children are learning what it takes to be successful. Rewarding them for their efforts and accomplishments can help set the right habits. Learning to tie their own shoes, take the bus, be punctual, finish assignments and overcome fears are all daily opportunities for them to be rewarded and encouraged to get up and do it all over again the next day. Be sure and make it known that the little things they accomplish each day are so important and recognized.

We hope you all have a successful and easy transition into the school year!