Is it Time for a Raise?

blogWe frequently get questions about raises from our Nannies and Clients.

  • “When should I ask for a raise?”
  • “When should we give a raise?”
  • “My family is expecting a new baby next month, what is the rate increase for another baby?”
  • “It’s my Nanny’s work anniversary, what is the standard salary increase?”
  • “I now do full housekeeping for my employers, should I get a raise?”

We always recommend sitting down and talking to one-to-one when a job change has been made. Here’s an industry standard overview of some common situations when it is appropriate to ask for or give a raise.

New baby: The standard salary increase for a new baby is $1.00 per hour. You should offer your Nanny the increase even if it is within your first year of working with one another. Any time a new baby is introduced, a Nanny’s responsibilities will change and increase and additional compensation is warranted.

Anniversary: A Nanny should get an increase in their hourly wage to cover cost of living increases as well as to acknowledge their increased level of experience. A typical raise is $1.00 per hour each year. Similarly, as a Nanny, if your employers have not given you a raise each year you have worked for them, it is totally acceptable that you schedule a time to meet with them and ask for an appropriate salary increase.

When the job responsibilities increase: If your Nanny is doing more for you than was originally decided upon, for example doing full housekeeping or cooking family meals, a standard salary increase is 3% to 5% percent of the Nannie’s annual income. For the most part, Nannies are open to doing more for their employers, though it is important that your Nanny knows her extra work is appreciated.

Bonuses: Bonuses should never be expected. A majority of families will offer a bonus at the end of the year near the holiday season, but they are merit based. They can range from one week’s to one month’s salary. Sometimes the bonus is just a small gift. Bonuses are influenced by how well the Nanny is doing in her job. Families should not feel obligated to offer bonuses, but if you love your Nanny, it is a great way to show her! For Nannies, remember that a bonus is a plus, and one should never be disappointed by the amount received.