Tips for a Successful In-Home Job Interview

Recently, we found this hilarious “interview blunders” blog on and thought we’d share. These 15 memorable interview mistakes are hilarious – though perhaps a bit “corporate.”

Now, we know you’re unlikely to repeat any of these blunders, but that blog post did inspire us to share a few of our own interview tips that we’ve found to be helpful if you’re going to be interviewing soon for an in-home position.

Show up on time. Punctuality is very important to every single family we work with. Don’t be late … and don’t arrive too early, either. Showing up on time is the first impression you make and could potentially make or break the rest of the interview for you.  

Dress the part. You don’t need to wear a suit if you’re working in childcare or other domestic work. Most likely, you will meet the children of the family you will be working with so, it is best to be comfortably dressed when interacting with them. For housekeeping positions, dress neat, tidy, conservative and comfortable. For all positions, avoid perfumes or a lot of makeup, have your nails clean & neatly trimmed.

Engage with the children. If you’re applying for a Nanny position, this will apply to you! It is important to show the family how you will engage with the children on the job. Listening and learning more about the children’s interests will steer you in the right direction!

Turn off your cell phone. This is one of the most forgotten interview rules out there! We recommend that instead of putting your cell phone on silent, you physically turn it off so the family has your undivided attention for the short time you spend with them.

Be prepared. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your background, values and goals. It is important to have sincere and truthful answers to any questions you may be asked. This shows not only your character, but also your passion for finding a job!