Anti-Racism Resource Guide

Since the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, many families have reached out to T+C looking for resources to help them talk to their children about race and diversity. We have pulled together the following resources and tips that we hope can be helpful to both Clients and their children.

Resource Guides:

Buzzfeed – A Teacher’s Favorite Children’s Books On Racism

Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Talk About Race

Books Featuring Black Heroes and Characters That Every Kid Should Read

How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

Book Recommendations:

Between the World and Me

White Fragility

The Warmth of Other Suns

The New Jim Crow

Daddy Why am I Brown?

Grace Campbell for President

Increase Exposure to Diversity:

Encourage children to read books with Black main characters who have complex character development and story lines. Seek out stories where the Black characters are not athletes or musicians to show a more well-rounded view of Black people. Try to expose children to more than just diversity as it pertains to the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.

Seek out a diverse group of friends. Children will ask uncomfortable questions. That is okay! It is okay to ask why people are different colors; why people have different hair; and why people wear a certain garment. As uncomfortable as it might make us as adults, those questions are part of learning.

Seek out variety in cultural experiences. Go to the Musem of African Diaspora. Go to San Jose’s Jazz Festival. Participate in a BLM protest. Educate yourself and celebrate Juneteenth.

We hope these resources can be of some help to you along this journey. T+C recognizes that this is a complex issue and one for which we do not have all the answers. We are committed to helping families, employers, caregivers and employees find the right resources to work through this together!